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Organic cotton towels may be the most important Organic item you could use, for your health, right after Organic foods and inner wear. Read more below, to know just why.

Organic cotton towels may be the most important Organic item you could use, for your health, right after Organic foods and inner wear, because Organic cotton towels are what you rub your body and face with, after a hot/cold bath.
After a hot shower, your skin pores open up all across your body, and are more sensitive to whatever they come in contact with. At this point, if you rub your body vigorously with a towel, in order to dry yourselves well, make sure the towel is made of Organic cotton.
This is because the sensitive skin would absorb some of the agents present on the towel, aka dyes, mordants and other chemicals. And, it is at this post-shower phase that the skin would probably absorb most of anything. At this stage, using a conventional non-organic cotton towel is equivalent to leaving your skin open to absorption of all the harmful chemicals that go into making a conventional cotton towel. These are highly toxic chemicals, as can be learnt by simply Googling up on cotton chemicals/toxicity.

An even better alternative to simple organic cotton towels, are those organic cotton towels, that have been dyed naturally, or Naturally dyed Organic cotton. The best form of these are the towels that are 100% organic cotton, but dyed & processed/washed using only herb/plant & natural mineral extracts.
So, while all other organic cottons on the market are dyed/printed using low-impact chemicals (as per GOTS), this new line is dyed/printed using only Natural dyes made from herb & natural mineral extracts, meaning just one thing - ZERO IMPACT on the environment, humans, soil, plants and animals.

Some of the natural herbs/plants and minerals used in making these natural dyes are: Indigo, Madder, Haritaki , Cutch or Cutechu, Turmeric, Onion and Pomegranate.

The extracts from these natural substances are processed in a manner that the only waste from their processes is organic material, which is then used locally as organic fertilizer for farms. So, nothing goes to waste - Mother Nature's golden rule.

This new range of Naturally dyed Organic cotton towels includes sizes such as Bath, hand, face and Bath sheet (Super -large) sizes. All are as luxuriously plush, thick and absorbent as any other towel, with the exception of being herbal in their nature. And so, these towels also have slight medicinal benefits for the skin, by virtue of these properties being present in the ingredients of which the dyes are made.

All colors are attained only by using dyes extracted from plants/herbs and natural minerals. Towels dyed with these, are really truly organic in the 100% sense, and GOTS standards seem to agree with that, and so these towels are certified to GOTS.

Atlantis natural dyed Organic cotton towels can be ordered online by emailing us, and would soon be online at our online store.
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